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Cirque School classes are broken up into two different categories, 101 and Trickster. Please click on our classes page to view a complete list of class descriptions and their scheduled dates and times.If you are a current student of ours who wants to advance to a higher level, please check in with your teacher and the directors to see if you are ready. If you are new to us and would like to be in a Level 2-5 class, please send us an email describing your previous training so that we may determine the appropriate level class for you. If available please include a video of yourself performing on the apparatus specific to the class you are interested in registering for.101 Classes are for Anybody and Any Body and are the perfect place to begin your training at Cirque School. These classes are for both absolute beginners and experienced students looking to enhance their skills.

Cirque 101 Most Popular

$ 25

per Class
  • 6 Classes for $130
  • Aerial 101
  • Ground 101


$ 35

per Class
  • 6 Classes for $190
  • Aerial Tricks
  • Ground Tricks