What's New @ Cirque School

Friday Night Workshops in April:
Spanish Web
Come Spin and Fly on the Spanish Web! This apparatus is similar to Aerial Rope/ Corde Lise and Fabric techniques except for that either your wrist, ankle or neck will be held in a loop allowing you create complex geometric patterns with your body all while in Rotation. 

Partner Balancing
Have fun by combining skills of strength and flexibility where each partnership will learn to work together leveraging yourselves into visually stunning poses that challenge your core and prepare you for more complex tricks. Students of all sizes will learn both basing and flying positions in static and moving elements.

Advanced Hand Balancing
Learn to master a press up Hand Stand on both the floor and canes through various entry positions. A variety of complex leg movements & tricks including the “Seven-7″ &  “Mexican” will be taught while learning to keep control at all times. One Arm Handstand fundamentals will be taught helping students build more confidence and strength in this precarious Balance. 


Today's Classes

  • Acro Fit 101
  • Intermediate Trapeze Tricks
  • Beg. Aerial Rope
  • Aerial 101
  • Flexibility & Stretch 101
  • Beg. Contortion
  • Trapeze 102
  • Intermediate Fabric Tricks
  • Aerial 101
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Cirque School uses training, performance, and community outreach to inspire an appreciation for the circus arts in a supportive, noncompetitive environment. Cirque School welcomes individuals of all ages [14 & Up], sizes and abilities. Cirque School’s classes help build an individual’s physical and mental wellness through one of the most intense, exhilarating and safe circus arts programs ever developed. Taught by circus professionals who maintain the highest safety standards at all times., students have fun while gaining the strength, and flexibility to achieve the maximum potential from their bodies.

Whether you’re here to challenge your body and get out of the gym, to smooth out your performance and create an act, or simply to try something new, Cirque School has a program for you.

Aloysia Gavre, a Cirque du Soleil veteran, founded Cirque School in 2004 with a vision to create an opportunity for “anybody with any body” to run away with the circus.